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Ukulele Songs For Beginners

Ukulele Songs For Beginners

Have you just bought a ukulele or borrowed one from a friend? Are you keen to get strumming? If you are a beginner on the ukulele, we think you will find our Ukulele Songs for Beginners song sheets below a useful starting point. We have chosen well-known songs with chords that are easy to learn. And there are chord diagrams to help you get started. if you are still unsure about chord shapes there is also video guidance to help you place those fingertips in just the right places on the frets. Singing along with the video might help you gain confidence. Don’t worry if you miss a few chord changes at first. After a few runs through you will find muscle memory kicks in and you might be surprised how quickly you improve. The great thing about the ukulele is that it produces a sweet sound with very little help!

Click on the video below to see Terry's video tutorial

(once the video starts hover over the video and unmute the sound)

Ukulele Song Book for Beginners

To download the beginners song book click on the PDF

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